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League Fixtures and Key Dates Season 2013-2014

The league campaign for Season 2013-2014 is set to kick off on Saturday 3rd August.  Week 1 will see Champions Cove Rangers open the defence of their title at home to Huntly while last seasons title contenders Formartine United open the campaign with an away trip to Lossiemouth. 



Season 2013-2014


Saturday 03/08/2013 Week No 1

Press & Journal Highland League

Brora Rangers v Clachnacuddin

Cove Rangers v Huntly

Forres Mechanics v Rothes

Fort William v Turriff United

Fraserburgh v Nairn County

Inverurie Loco Works v Strathspey Thistle

Keith v Deveronvale

Lossiemouth v Formartine United

Wick Academy v Buckie Thistle


Saturday 10/08/2013 Week No 2

Press & Journal Highland League

Buckie Thistle v Fraserburgh

Clachnacuddin v Cove Rangers

Deveronvale v Inverurie Loco Works

Formartine United v Forres Mechanics

Huntly v Lossiemouth

Nairn County v Brora Rangers

Rothes v Fort William

Strathspey Thistle v Wick Academy

Turriff United v Keith


Saturday 17/08/2013 Week No 3

Scottish Cup Preliminary Round


Press & Journal Highland League

Brora Rangers v Buckie Thistle

Cove Rangers v Nairn County

Forres Mechanics v Huntly

Fort William v Formartine United

Inverurie Loco Works v Turriff United

Keith v Rothes

Lossiemouth v Clachnacuddin

Strathspey Thistle v Deveronvale

Wick Academy v Fraserburgh


Saturday 24/08/2013 Week No 4

Press & Journal Highland League

Buckie Thistle v Cove Rangers

Clachnacuddin v Forres Mechanics

Deveronvale v Wick Academy

Formartine United v Keith

Fraserburgh v Brora Rangers

Huntly v Fort William

Nairn County v Lossiemouth

Rothes v Inverurie Loco Works

Turriff United v Strathspey Thistle



Saturday 31/08/2013 Week No 5

Press & Journal Highland League

Cove RangersvBrora Rangers


Forres MechanicsvBuckie Thistle

Fort WilliamvNairn County

Inverurie Loco WorksvHuntly



Strathspey ThistlevFormartine United

Turriff UnitedvWick Academy


Saturday 07/09/2013 Week No 6

Press & Journal Highland League

Brora RangersvLossiemouth

Buckie ThistlevFort William

ClachnacuddinvInverurie Loco Works

Formartine UnitedvDeveronvale

FraserburghvForres Mechanics

HuntlyvStrathspey Thistle

Nairn CountyvKeith

RothesvTurriff United

Wick AcademyVCove Rangers


Saturday 14/09/2013 Week No 7

Scottish Cup Round 1


Press & Journal Highland League

"If necessary, games to be arranged"


Saturday 21/09/2013 Week No 8

Press & Journal Highland League


Forres MechanicsvBrora Rangers

Fort WilliamvFraserburgh

Inverurie Loco WorksvNairn County

KeithvBuckie Thistle

LossiemouthvCove Rangers

RothesvWick Academy

Strathspey ThistlevClachnacuddin

Turriff UnitedvFormartine United


Saturday 28/09/2013 Week No 9

Press & Journal Highland League

Brora RangersvFort William

Buckie ThistlevInverurie Loco Works


Cove RangersvForres Mechanics

Formartine UnitedvRothes


HuntlyvTurriff United

Nairn CountyvStrathspey Thistle

Wick AcademyvLossiemouth



Saturday 05/10/2013 Week No 10

Scottish Cup Round 2


Press & Journal Highland League

DeveronvalevNairn County

Formartine UnitedvWick Academy

Forres MechanicsvLossiemouth

Fort WilliamvCove Rangers

Inverurie Loco WorksvFraserburgh

KeithvBrora Rangers


Strathspey ThistlevBuckie Thistle

Turriff UnitedvClachnacuddin


Saturday 12/10/2013 Week No 11

Press & Journal Highland League

Brora RangersvInverurie Loco Works

Buckie ThistlevDeveronvale


Cove RangersvKeith

FraserburghvStrathspey Thistle

HuntlyvFormartine United

LossiemouthvFort William

Nairn CountyvTurriff United

Wick AcademyvForres Mechanics


Saturday 19/10/2013 Week No 12

Press & Journal Highland League


Formartine UnitedvClachnacuddin

Fort WilliamvForres Mechanics

HuntlyvWick Academy

Inverurie Loco WorksvCove Rangers


RothesvNairn County

Strathspey ThistlevBrora Rangers

Turriff UnitedvBuckie Thistle


Saturday 26/10/2013 Week No 13

Press & Journal Highland League

Brora RangersvDeveronvale

Buckie ThistlevRothes


Cove RangersvStrathspey Thistle

Forres MechanicsvKeith

FraserburghvTurriff United

LossiemouthvInverurie Loco Works

Nairn CountyvFormartine United

Wick AcademyvFort William






Saturday 02/11/2013 Week No 14

Scottish Cup Round 3


Press & Journal Highland League

ClachnacuddinvWick Academy

DeveronvalevCove Rangers

Formartine UnitedvBuckie Thistle

HuntlyvNairn County

Inverurie Loco WorksvForres Mechanics

KeithvFort William


Strathspey ThistlevLossiemouth

Turriff UnitedvBrora Rangers


Saturday 09/11/2013 Week No 15

Press & Journal Highland League

Brora RangersvRothes

Buckie ThistlevHuntly

Cove RangersvTurriff United

Forres MechanicsvStrathspey Thistle

Fort WilliamvInverurie Loco Works

FraserburghvFormartine United


Nairn CountyvClachnacuddin

Wick AcademyvKeith


Saturday 16/11/2013 Week No 16

Press & Journal Highland League

ClachnacuddinvBuckie Thistle

DeveronvalevForres Mechanics

Formartine UnitedvBrora Rangers


Inverurie Loco WorksvKeith

Nairn CountyvWick Academy

RothesvCove Rangers

Strathspey ThistlevFort William

Turriff UnitedvLossiemouth


Saturday 23/11/2013 Week No 17

Press & Journal Highland League

Brora RangersvHuntly

Buckie ThistlevNairn County

Cove RangersvFormartine United

Forres MechanicsvTurriff United

Fort WilliamvDeveronvale


KeithvStrathspey Thistle


Wick AcademyvInverurie Loco Works







Saturday 30/11/2013 Week No 18

Scottish Cup Round 4


Press & Journal Highland League

Buckie ThistlevWick Academy

ClachnacuddinvBrora Rangers


Formartine UnitedvLossiemouth

HuntlyvCove Rangers

Nairn CountyvFraserburgh

RothesvForres Mechanics

Strathspey ThistlevInverurie Loco Works

Turriff UnitedvFort William


Saturday 07/12/2013 Week No 19

Press & Journal Highland League

Brora RangersvNairn County

Cove RangersvClachnacuddin

Forres MechanicsvFormartine United

Fort WilliamvRothes

FraserburghvBuckie Thistle

Inverurie Loco WorksvDeveronvale

KeithvTurriff United


Wick AcademyvStrathspey Thistle


Saturday 14/12/2013 Week No 20

Press & Journal Highland League

Buckie ThistlevBrora Rangers


DeveronvalevStrathspey Thistle

Formartine UnitedvFort William

FraserburghvWick Academy

HuntlyvForres Mechanics

Nairn CountyvCove Rangers


Turriff UnitedvInverurie Loco Works


Saturday 21/12/2013 Week No 21

Press & Journal Highland League

Brora RangersvFraserburgh

Cove RangersvBuckie Thistle

Forres MechanicsvClachnacuddin

Fort WilliamvHuntly

Inverurie Loco WorksvRothes

KeithvFormartine United

LossiemouthvNairn County

Strathspey ThistlevTurriff United

Wick AcademyvDeveronvale







Saturday 28/12/2013 Week No 22

Press & Journal Highland League

Brora RangersvWick Academy

Buckie ThistlevLossiemouth

ClachnacuddinvFort William

Formartine UnitedvInverurie Loco Works

FraserburghvCove Rangers


Nairn CountyvForres Mechanics

RothesvStrathspey Thistle

Turriff UnitedvDeveronvale


Saturday 04/01/2014 Week No 23

Press & Journal Highland League

Cove RangersvFraserburgh

DeveronvalevTurriff United

Forres MechanicsvNairn County

Fort WilliamvClachnacuddin

Inverurie Loco WorksvFormartine United


LossiemouthvBuckie Thistle

Strathspey ThistlevRothes

Wick AcademyvBrora Rangers


Saturday 11/01/2014 Week No 24

Press & Journal Highland League

Brora RangersvCove Rangers

Buckie ThistlevForres Mechanics


Formartine UnitedvStrathspey Thistle


HuntlyvInverurie Loco Works

Nairn CountyvFort William


Wick AcademyvTurriff United


Saturday 18/01/2014 Week No 25

Press & Journal Highland League

Cove RangersvWick Academy

DeveronvalevFormartine United

Forres MechanicsvFraserburgh

Fort WilliamvBuckie Thistle

Inverurie Loco WorksvClachnacuddin

KeithvNairn County

LossiemouthvBrora Rangers

Strathspey ThistlevHuntly

Turriff UnitedvRothes








Saturday 25/01/2014 Week No 26

Press & Journal Highland League

Brora RangersvForres Mechanics

Buckie ThistlevKeith

ClachnacuddinvStrathspey Thistle

Cove RangersvLossiemouth

Formartine UnitedvTurriff United

FraserburghvFort William


Nairn CountyvInverurie Loco Works

Wick AcademyvRothes


Saturday 01/02/2014 Week No 27

Press & Journal Highland League


Forres MechanicsvCove Rangers

Fort WilliamvBrora Rangers

Inverurie Loco WorksvBuckie Thistle


LossiemouthvWick Academy

RothesvFormartine United

Strathspey ThistlevNairn County

Turriff UnitedvHuntly


Saturday 08/02/2014 Week No 28

Scottish Cup Round 5


Press & Journal Highland League

Brora RangersvKeith

Buckie ThistlevStrathspey Thistle

ClachnacuddinvTurriff United

Cove RangersvFort William

FraserburghvInverurie Loco Works


LossiemouthvForres Mechanics

Nairn CountyvDeveronvale

Wick AcademyvFormartine United


Saturday 15/02/2014 Week No 29

Press & Journal Highland League

DeveronvalevBuckie Thistle

Formartine UnitedvHuntly

Forres MechanicsvWick Academy

Fort WilliamvLossiemouth

Inverurie Loco WorksvBrora Rangers

KeithvCove Rangers


Strathspey ThistlevFraserburgh

Turriff UnitedvNairn County







Saturday 22/02/2014 Week No 30

Press & Journal Highland League

Brora RangersvStrathspey Thistle

Buckie ThistlevTurriff United

ClachnacuddinvFormartine United

Cove RangersvInverurie Loco Works

Forres MechanicsvFort William



Nairn CountyvRothes

Wick AcademyvHuntly


Saturday 01/03/2014 Week No 31

Breedon Aggregates League Cup Preliminary Round


Press & Journal Highland League

DeveronvalevBrora Rangers

Formartine UnitedvNairn County

Fort WilliamvWick Academy


Inverurie Loco WorksvLossiemouth

KeithvForres Mechanics

RothesvBuckie Thistle

Strathspey ThistlevCove Rangers

Turriff UnitedvFraserburgh


Saturday 08/03/2014 Week No 32

Scottish Cup Round 6


Press & Journal Highland League

Brora RangersvTurriff United

Buckie ThistlevFormartine United

Cove RangersvDeveronvale

Forres MechanicsvInverurie Loco Works

Fort WilliamvKeith


LossiemouthvStrathspey Thistle

Nairn CountyvHuntly

Wick AcademyvClachnacuddin


Saturday 15/03/2014 Week No 33

Breedon Aggregates League Cup  Round 1


Saturday 22/03/2014 Week No 34

Press & Journal Highland League

ClachnacuddinvNairn County


Formartine UnitedvFraserburgh

HuntlyvBuckie Thistle

Inverurie Loco WorksvFort William

KeithvWick Academy

RothesvBrora Rangers

Strathspey ThistlevForres Mechanics

Turriff UnitedvCove Rangers


Saturday 29/03/2014 Week No 35

Press & Journal Highland League

Brora RangersvFormartine United

Buckie ThistlevClachnacuddin

Cove RangersvRothes

Forres MechanicsvDeveronvale

Fort WilliamvStrathspey Thistle


KeithvInverurie Loco Works

LossiemouthvTurriff United

Wick AcademyvNairn County


Saturday 05/04/2014 Week No 36

Breedon Aggregates League Cup  Round 2


Press & Journal Highland League

"If necessary, games to be arranged"


Saturday 12/04/2014 Week No 37

Scottish Cup Semi Finals


Press & Journal Highland League


DeveronvalevFort William

Formartine UnitedvCove Rangers

HuntlyvBrora Rangers

Inverurie Loco WorksvWick Academy

Nairn CountyvBuckie Thistle


Strathspey ThistlevKeith

Turriff UnitedvForres Mechanics


Saturday 19/04/2014 Week No 38

Breedons Aggregates League Cup - Semi Final


Press & Journal Highland League

"If necessary, games to be arranged"


Saturday 26/04/2014 Week No 39

Press & Journal Highland League

"If necessary, games to be arranged"


Saturday 03/05/2014 Week No 40

Press & Journal Highland League

"If necessary, games to be arranged"


Saturday 10/05/2014 Week No 41

Breedon Aggregates League Cup Final


Press & Journal Highland League

"If necessary, games to be arranged"


Saturday 17/05/2014 Week No 42

Scottish Cup Final


Friday 30/05/2014

SHFL Awards Dinner

League Table

Rank Teams Played Points Current form
1 Cove Rangers 16 44 WWDWW
2 Inverurie Locos 20 44 DWWWW
3 Fraserburgh 17 41 WLWWW
4 Brora Rangers 16 37 WLWWW
5 Huntly 19 35 WDWLW
6 Buckie Thistle 17 32 LWLWD
7 Formartine United 17 31 WWLWL
8 Rothes 18 30 DLDWW
9 Forres Mechanics 17 30 WWWWW
10 Deveronvale 18 28 LWWWW
11 Turriff United 18 24 DLLLL
12 Clachnacuddin 19 22 LLWDW
13 Nairn County 16 22 WLLLL
14 Wick Academy 15 16 LWLLD
15 Keith 18 8 LLWDL
16 Lossiemouth 19 5 LLLLL
17 Strathspey Thistle 18 3 LLLLL
18 Fort William 16 1 LLLLL

Recent Results

18-11-2017 15:00 - Scottish Cup Third Round
Airdrieonians 2 : 3 Cove Rangers
Buckie Thistle 2 : 3 Brechin City
Formartine United 1 : 0 Forfar Athletic
Stranraer 0 : 1 Brora Rangers
Spartans 1 : 2 Fraserburgh
18-11-2017 15:00 - SHFL Week 17
Keith 0 : 3 Inverurie Locos
Lossiemouth 2 : 3 Clachnacuddin
Rothes 9 : 1 Fort William
Turriff United 1 : 2 Huntly
15-11-2017 20:00 - MM Aberdeenshire Shield First Round
Deveronvale 4 : 0 Aberdeen University
11-11-2017 15:00 - SHFL Week 16
Huntly 1 : 3 Cove Rangers
Inverurie Locos 3 : 1 Formartine United
Nairn County 2 : 4 Forres Mechanics
Strathspey Thistle 0 : 5 Rothes
Brora Rangers 7 : 0 Lossiemouth
Turriff United 1 : 3 Deveronvale
Clachnacuddin 1 : 1 Buckie Thistle
08-11-2017 20:00 - SHFL Week 15
Clachnacuddin 2 : 1 Fort William

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